How to do Food Blog SEO

The way to run a successful food site as a side project. And we have learned a great deal from practical experiences about what works on food sites.

The techniques that make results aren’t exactly the same as you would use to a marketing blog, or even a fitness site, or any other genre.

Food blog SEO is a specific case. And we’ll let you in on a few secrets. Search engine optimization is a procedure. Here’s a guide to making sure search engines love your own food site and that every recipe reaches its full potential.

Regardless of what you might have heard, more content nevertheless functions nicely for recipe SEO.

Don’t focus on the haters that complain about long recipe posts. The trend for food bloggers is to compose the story behind a recipe and also provide some background history.

There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a fantastic thing. Those complainers just want you to do the hard work but have nothing in return. Ignore those individuals.

If you publish a recipe that is bare, the chance is that nobody will see it. Instead, add context and life to some recipe so that google can comprehend what it’s about and that it is for.

Let us say somebody is searching for a way to cut sugar still eat a delicious chocolate cake, something which their grandma used to eat. How would anyone find this recipe? Well, they might look for”sugar-free chocolate cake” or”cakes just like they had to create them, but no sugar”.

That is actually how people hunt, especially in the days of search.

These are known as long-tail key words for reasons we won’t enter here but you can read more about this kind of keyword .

Voice search is quickly becoming one of the main ways people search for answers. In case your recipes aren’t optimised for voice, you are passing up a lot of visitors from Google.

Voice search outcomes are brief. Therefore it makes sense to keep answers to important questions brief and snappy. SEO for food blogs shouldn’t ignore voice search.

You may wonder why you would bother. “Nobody is going to see your recipe whenever they just need a quick answer?” , you say.

But by answering tons of different questions you will build up hope in Google, that will then drive your page higher in the search results to the main search phrases.

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